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Queen Palms

Although Slash Pines are a very hard wooded tree they are easy to kill. People who have houses built don't realize that this majestic pine can die from just disturbing the roots. So most of the time after the house is finished, their pines will die almost instantly. The biggest killer is the Bore Beetle which can move from tree to tree in a matter of days. Signs of this destructive bug include holes in the pine or piles of saw dust at the base of the tree.

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Coconut Palms are actually one of the deadliest trees. An average of 150 people die annually from a falling coconut. It is a lot cheaper and easier for an arborist to remove seed pods while they are still flowering.

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Coconut palms

Sable palms are very strong rooted but extremely messy. A lot of people don't know that Sabal palm (Cabbage Palm)  hearts are used to make "swamp cabbage."

Queen palms are very pretty but yet can be extremely dangerous. There are instances when the tree can look as healthy as can be but literally be rotting from the inside out. The disease is call Fusarium Wilt and it is spreading as we speak. The fungus was first discovered in 2003 and it is to the point most landscapers no longer include queen palms in their new projects.

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Sabal Palms

Slash Pines