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Our Mission

 Our mission is to make your trees look gorgeous for a reasonable price. We Provide a professional service while striving for the satisfaction the customer deserves.

our Story

Our Story

It is funny how the world works...Around 6 years ago our owner, Jesse Butler, worked for a family friend who currently owns a tree service. Working under his friend he learned everything from cutting palms and thinning oaks  to climbing huge pines and dropping them in tight areas. Although he started as just a laborer, eventually Jesse was spiking tall trees and being left to complete jobs on his own.

It wasn't soon after his 21st birthday that Jesse Learned he was going to be a father and knew things had to change. Although He was treated very well by his friend, Jesse had to do something more in order to support his wife and soon to be child. In 2014 Jesse decided to form his own LLC  and start tree trimming and removal under his own company title.

Southern Woods LLC Received it's first job on September 6, 2014 and since than we haven't looked back . Although It has only been a year, experience is not something we lack. Sometimes all someone needs is a little motivation to become a leader.

Has Nature waged a war on your yard?! LET US help!